Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twilight Watch, Part 1

I just can't do it.  I almost bought tickets online to force myself to go, but I know I would rather waste the twelve dollars than watch. Sigh. I cannot, I repeat, I cannot. I feel that I must. I've been writing about female directors, with a special emphasis on American women. Genre films are of particular interest to me.  The goal has been achieved. A film directed by a woman has a monster opening weekend- 70 million dollars. Domestic! Gift horses. Mouth. Sigh. I am incapable of either seeing this film or of keeping myself from counting teeth.

The film is Twilght. I have not seen the film and I haven't read the book. I have no right to comment.  There is a 2:15 matinee.  It's now 1:52.  Can I make it?  I still really, really don't want to go.  I'm really pleased for Catherine Hardwicke.  

That's a total lie.  The entire thing makes me angry.  Updates on my attempts will follow.

There is clearly no pleasing me.


That Fuzzy Bastard said...


C'mon, you know you're totally right, you know you have to see this thing. But I understand your reluctance. You're seeing the thing you wanted happen---a genre movie for women, by women, a huge success---and it sucks. This is, as any ardent Communist knows, never fun.

Did you at least see this?

Carolyn Raship said...

Oh, Fuzzy Bastard, the dream has died in Russia.

Carolyn Raship said...

I love Sarah Haskins!

Did you see the South Park episode? It was awesome.

I have to go re-read Our Vampires, Ourselves.

Twilight Watch, Part 2 will be epic.