Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've Been a Bad, Bad Blogger

What is it about the encroaching cold and dark that puts my mind to sleep? Is it just me? I have a long list of proposed blog posts, and I haven't been able to complete any of them. They have titles like "Kathryn Bigelow Reminds Me We're Still At War", "Apocalypse Girl", "Gwenyth Paltrow Triple Feature" and "The Tyranny of Exceptionalism". I do promise some end of year/decade lists in the coming days. Why have a blog if you don't make lists?

I'm just vamping here. I think my mind is still a little dull and sleepy. So, here's a picture:

Virgodog says it looks like me, but it wasn't meant to. Another Lucy Troma related idea. I was very excited about the gothic arches in the background as, historically, drawing buildings has not been my forte.