Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Righty Now

Over the past few years I've become really interested in the way brains work. Or, to be more specific, the way my brain works.

I'm good with pictures, bad with words - particularly spoken words, as there is nothing to look at and I have trouble latching onto ideas or facts and get really easily distracted. I was the worst waiter in the world as I could never remember anybody's order. My visual memory tends towards the astonishing. I can remember pretty accurately anything I look at. The problem comes when I try to tell anyone what I see. I might be able to see everything perfectly, but the moment I try to speak about what I see, it all falls apart. I can almost feel an internal click, and I need to translate what I see into actual words that I then have to speak aloud and I can practically feel everything slowing down and grinding to a halt inside my head. I find making this switch both very difficult and frustrating.

Growing up, I used to draw constantly. I don't any more, and I miss it. I feel rusty and out of practice. For a long time I thought I Wasn't Good Enough. I don't think I could have even articulated was I wasn't good enough for. But, I want to draw things again. To be honest, I think I saw that as one of the purposes of this blog, and it's something I haven't done at all. But - no more! Here's a drawing I did a couple of months ago at the Society of Illustrators Jazz and Sketch night:

I've never been particularly great at drawing from life. I just have to get it together and make more art, I guess is what I'm saying.

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Lily Stark said...

oh loverly! I'd been feeling the same way and The Artist's Way cult and Dr. Sketchy's sessions have helped enormously. Have you seen Lily's Sketchy Books?