Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kelly Link's Blog Tour

An extensive blog post on the work of Kelly Link has long been in the making, but in the mean time I wanted to provide this brief update of her blog tour which is in honor of the publication of the paperback version of Pretty Monsters (which I whole heartedly recommend, and it has a lovely cover by Shaun Tan, one of my favorite illustrators).

Here are some links to her recent postings - all worth checking out:

On self-publishing, hey! Dickens did it! If you didn't know, Link and her husband Gavin J. Grant run their own small and wonderful press, Small Beer, based up in Northampton (but IIRC, begun in Brooklyn)

On making 'zines! Hers is Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

On generating story ideas.

And here's a link for the creative commons, downloadable version of her short story collections Stranger Things Happen and Magic For Beginners. If you read them and like them, please consider buying a paper version at some point. Independent presses are good things to have.

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