Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Today is the day!

Out on the fair shores of Coney Island, along Surf Avenue and down the boardwalk is the yearly Mermaid Parade. As always brought to you by the lovely folk at Coney Island USA.

The yearly Mermaid Parade is pretty much alone in combining both family fun and toplessness (though, as my inamorato pointed out, there's also breastfeeding). It signifies and celebrates the official opening of the beach.

My first time out there it was a small, local affair. Now, it's grown to fairly gargantuan proportions and I think the best way of enjoying is is by participating. So, fair citizens, sew on some gils and attach those pasties firmly and enjoy next year's brouhaha, if it is too late to enjoy this one's. Did I mention that something like half a million people are projected to show up?

Of particular interest this year is one of the judges. You can see him below, pith helmet firmly on head, glasses at the ready.

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