Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Step!

Most people who have talked to me extensively about theater know that I sometimes bemoan what I refer to as "all that pesky talking". And one time I complained about being dragged to a film because it was about "boring relationships." Another time I flat out refused to go to a movie because I was worried it was about "learning and growing" (in that case it turned out I was absolutely correct to give it a miss). In other words, in my lazier moments, I have the artistic taste of a bright seven year old. Okay. Not really. And this is likely a really insulting way to introduce Parallel Exit's Time Step, which was completely not my intention.

What I mean to say is that sometimes the simple pleasure of watching people dance is really all I want to experience. And in their show there is also funny comedy, mostly physical, done beautifully. As per usual, this isn't completely unbiased as I know the director of the show and artistic director of Parallel Exit, Mark Lonergan. The pleasure of watching people dance is simple, but there is nothing harder in this world to achieve as a performer than effortlessness, so their achievement is mighty indeed. Just go. Kids like it, too, so if you have them, bring them.

And in the spirit of reciprocity (which is always so important), my delightful escort has a much longer review of Time Step here.

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miconian said...

The writer's motto for Malcolm In The Middle was "no hugging, no learning."