Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dame Agatha at 120

Dame Agatha Christie was born 120 years ago yesterday, and I just wanted to remind everyone about the blog tour that has been arranged to commemorate this event. My entries (if you missed them!) were posted on September 7th.

In general, Dame Agatha was pretty poorly served by the movie adaptations of her books. The great exception was, of course, the Sidney Lumet directed Murder on the Orient Express with Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot. I've never been able to stand any of the Peter Ustinov or Margaret Rutherford adaptations, though, admittedly Death on the Nile has it's charms. One of my favorite recent(ish) Agatha Christie homages was a David Greenwalt/Joss Whedon penned Season 2 episode of Angel. There is a long, classic, drawing room denouement delivered by Wesley Wyndham-Price (the excellent Alexis Denisof) full of suspects, misleading clues and startling revelations. Please note that nothing else is shown of this particular Angel Investigations case except for the long, complicated reveal of the killer. It's very funny. Sadly, the intellectual property gods have ensured I cannot show it to you.

But have a Whedon fest and watch away. And read some mysteries. And raise a glass to mystery writers everywhere.

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