Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roger's Crispie Treats

This is a shameless plug.

Last weekend my dashing inamorato and I attended a barbecue where we drank perhaps a tiny bit too much wine and I ate my first steak since falling (more like leaping) off the veggie wagon. And it was awesome. I also ate about 300 of my friend Roger's bourbon flavored Crispie Treats.

You may think: Rice Crispy Treats? A child of six can make Rice Crispy Treats.

But a child of six is less likely to add bourbon. And he has lots of other flavors. America has brought some wonderful things to the world: jazz, pop art, breakfast cereal. And we, as a nation, have invented some seriously disturbing recipes involving packaged food. But Crispie Treats are pretty much universally beloved. As they should be. And Roger's are yummy. And he has a fan page on facebook.

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