Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Message From My Dad Who Feels He Has Been Misrepresented

I was probably overly flip in my comments, from my Dad:

"I never said Muslims are crazy. There are good things about Islam. There are also things I don't like such as their literal reading of the Koran, their treatment of women and their jihad to convert everyone. But, they are still a young religion. How many years did it take for Christianity (at least most of them) to accept women as equals, to recognize the Jews, and to stop killing each other. I may be an agnostic, but I see the good in religion as exemplified in Mom and others."

Unlike my Dad (who is probably a much nicer person than I am), I really don't think Christianity accepts women as equals. All that aside, I really do think I misrepresented his views though, and I apologize. I think I took maybe an outburst of "these people are crazy!", in response to, say, crazy jihadists, rather than ordinary people who practice Islam.

In completely different news, the greatest photo in the history of American elections:


That Fuzzy Bastard said...

I don't think we can blame McCain for this. Who among us hasn't stared, tongues lolling, at Obama's perfect, perfect ass?

Carolyn Raship said...

I don't blame him, I think him. It is so, so wonderful.

Carolyn Raship said...