Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Open Letter To Chris Rock

Dear Chris Rock,

I watched your most recent HBO special, filmed in NY, London & Johannesburg. I live in NY and the last two places I've travelled to were London and South Africa, so I was all like "Yay!"  Then I watched it.

Please note:  When you asked the question, "Can white people say [the "N word"]", your answer was, "Not really".  Later in your show, you explained the broad circumstances where it was okay to call someone a faggot.  You explained it was okay "if they were acting like a faggot."  Hilarity apparently ensued.  Substitute [the "N word"] for [the "F word"] in the previous sentence.  See my point?  Hate speech is hate speech.  Proposition 8 is being voted on next week.  You're too fucking smart for this.  It's just not good enough.

Respectfully yours,


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