Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is kind of exactly what I've been thinking. Frank Capra was a Republican, but, like, not this kind of Republican. To quote Megan Carpentier "the party of motherfucking Lincoln". I think I've been reduced to incoherence by the past few weeks of gobsmacking current events and this stupid cold. I'm tired of staring at the news and wondering when someone is going to pop up and yell "SURPRISE SUCKERS!" and discover we've all been gotten good in the most elaborate practical joke in the history of the world. That's about as ranty as I'm going to get. I decided when I started this blog that politics wasn't going to be one of my subjects, that I would leave that to the pros. But as the great Hunter S. Thompson so memorably (and possibly apocryphally) said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro".

Rules are being broken, all bets are off.   I raise a shot of NyQuil to the world.

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