Monday, November 15, 2010

TCM: Moguls & Movie Stars

We seem to be in the midst of something like an old timey movie golden age here at the beginning of the teens in the 21st century. Silent movie festivals are happening all over the place, and seemingly every movie ever filmed (that hasn't been lost or incinerated) is on DVD or on the internet. It never stops being thrilling to me.

That said, if you aren't watching Turner Classic Movies's new documentary series, Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood, you are truly missing out. It's thrilling history, and the rarities being shown after the airing of each episode are added fabulousness. They do a terrific job of putting what was happening in a particular time in film history into a more general historical context.

Exciting to the author of this blog, is a look at the careers of two women I profiled a while back, Lois Weber and Alice Guy-Blaché. Below is Danse Gitane, a 1905 film by Guy-Blaché.

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