Thursday, February 3, 2011

Open Toe Boots!


Some of the best fashion advice one can get is the rubric "Know your decade". In other words, dress as they did (more or less) when your particular body shape was in fashion, i.e. if you're all hourglass curves, dress in 1950s inspired clothes.

I think everyone already knows what I think about the ridiculous business of one's body and various body parts flitting in and out of style. Fashion is a cruel Mistress, but maybe she should be a Muse or a Friend, and not Mistress at all.

That said, I usually fare best in eras that celebrate hiplessness. Back when I was in my 20s (and, not incidentally, more hipless than I am now), I accumulated a sort of remarkable array of 1960s and early 1970s vintage clothing, and some newer things inspired by that era. Much of it is long gone (I am still in mourning for the greatest silver micro-mini dress ever created. And I had a pink vinyl micro-mini suit - I think I still have the jacket to that), and along with it my collection of gogo boots. I had two pairs each in black and in white.

So, when I saw these very odd boots on the FIDM Museum's excellent blog, I looked at them with deep covetousness. Here's what the experts had to say:
By the late 1960s, boots were available in a variety of manifestations, from short to tall, leather to synthetic, solid color to embellished. Fashion had begun to turn away from the futuristic forms of the middle 1960s and started mining the past for inspiration. Laced boots, though often made of modern, synthetic materials, were reminiscent of late 19th century women's footwear. This pair of green suede and vinyl boots showcases this trend, and updates it with an open-toe. Because of its airy lacing, open-toe and bright coloration, this boot seems designed for spring and summer, not cold weather.
I'm a little confused about wheather stockings are a part of the boot, or if they're open-toed. Either way, I think I'm in love!

Photo courtesy: FIDM Museum

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