Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pack a Suitcase. Buy a Ticket.

As this morning's post will indicate, I have itchy feet. I haven't been anywhere in a while, and that is just not working for me right now. The sad reality is, though, that travel has become somewhat of a miserable experience, with the TSA and the airlines making it as awful as possible and ensuring we're all as terrified as can be.


A few days ago I became aware of a former colleague's (and current facebook friend's) travel and photography blog. He seems to be living some sort of fabulous life in which he reports of having lunch in Denmark and dinner London or some such wonderfulness. Also, his pictures are lovely. Look at them.

The above photo belongs to Jason Yalen and was taken in Las Vegas. His blog can be found here.

(Coincidentally, I just found out it's Jason's birthday today!)

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