Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Abomination

As has been discussed here before, I am completely comfortable being referred to as a grilled cheese aficianado. If I was asked to name my One Favorite Food out of all the food in the world, my response would be "Sandwiches!".

But I do have some pride. This is an abomination unto the grilled cheese gods and should be cast asunder so that it no longer plagues, um, like, us.

Four fried mozzarella sticks inside of a Grilled Cheese sandwich. Obviously, some of my problems with this are pure snobbery, as I know a real chef with good cheese and bread could create a comparable sandwich that would taste really, really good, but be just as horrible for you. But, seriously? This sandwich is a terrible idea. Really.

Denny's clearly has no shame.

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