Friday, August 6, 2010

My Childhood Just Died

Dear Target,

You suck.

Look. I'm an admitted hypocrite. I still shopped at Anthropologie even after I knew they donated to Rick Santorum among other repulsive creeps. But, see, Target, when you gave 150K to Tom Emmer, I was hardly surprised. Big business as usual, I said. I (silly me) sort of pride myself on not having an emotional attachment to multi-national corporations and pretty much never shop at Target anyway because our local one is abysmally terrible.

But, Target, you have now gone too far.

Free To Be...You and Me might be the most beloved artifact from my (and many, many of my contemporaries) childhood. The album and subsequent TV special were created and produced by Marlo Thomas, with all proceeds going to the Ms. Foundation. The whole thing was an incredibly entertaining peon to self acceptance, non-commercialism and non-traditional gender roles. So, shilling for you, Target, really wasn't a part of the agenda. Freedom and happiness had nothing to do with buying, say, pants when I was seven. The whole thing is just such a fucking shame. The fact that they are donating to politicians who clearly believe only in "Free To Be... Well, some of us, I guess", is just an additional twist of the knife.

If Nike buys Atalanta I'll be ready to start firebombing. Not really, but maybe I'll stop buying things. Ha! That will show them! It feels so hopeless.

So, Target, take your creepy, childhood co-opting, corporate personhood and go fuck yourself.



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