Friday, May 6, 2011


I've been in a shockingly acquisitive mood lately, so I've been indulging my hobby of internet window shopping. One just winds up unsatisfied, with nothing but increased longings. Below is exhibit "A". It is a pink tentacle scarf. I think I should own it.

It is from Creepling's Etsy store.

Here at The Cabinet, we are also in need of a bath mat. I understand a reasonable solution would be to just go to the store and, like, buy one. Instead, I am obsessively searching for the best bath mat. Most of them are so pedestrian. BUT, then I discovered bath mat Nirvana, in the form of ekra's Etsy store. Unfortunately, they are a bit pricey. But look!

Then i made the colossal error of visiting the John Fluevog website in search of replacement parts for a pair of shoes I need to get repaired. And I discovered these:

I think maybe I should own them. Sigh.

Back to loftier pursuits.

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