Friday, May 27, 2011

Never Say Goodbye Twice and Don't Go Against The Family!

No, I'm not getting all service-y again, spouting inexplicable advice via my posts.

The above heading contains the titles of two short films recently created and posted by friends of The Cabinet.

There's nothing I like better then pretend spies. I've watched every James Bond movie and all five Alias seasons (and some of those later ones were completely inexcusable). So, I of course watched the following with the utmost glee. Directed by Doug MacKrell as a part of the 48 Hour Guerilla Film Competition. Please watch it and send it to everybody, as they are intent on winning the competition, and that means hits. You will not be remotely disappointed.

Don't Go Against The Family is a hilarious short about a mob performance review by Josephine Cashman and Ken Simon:

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