Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Housing Works Is The Best!

I'm about to get all service-y again. As many of my fellow residents of Gotham know, Housing Works is one of the many things that makes living in this city a joy. Well curated Thrift Stores and auctions in many neighborhoods around the city and their truly wonderful book store. Most important, of course, is the good work they do on behalf of the homeless and people suffering from AIDS.

I, like many of us, have seemingly piles of old clothes to get rid of, but I'm not super fond of the Salvation Army's policy on homosexuality (to say the least), and because of rising rents it's getting more and more difficult to find places nearby to take one's old clothes. There used to be drop off bins, but they seem to have all disappeared.

Just today, I learned via the terrific Thrift Store Confidential blog, that Housing Works, in a partnership with the City, will now be placing clothing recycling bins in buildings around the city. I'm not entirely sure what this means for us residents of Brownstone Brooklyn, but hopefully there will be some sort of creep.

If you are interested in having your building participate, go here.


Anonymous said...

You can also drop off clothes at several NYC greenmarkets:

Caviglia said...

Fantastic! Thanks.