Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm slightly embarrassed that I spent my New Year post singing my own praises, so I thought I could launch into the second decade of the New Millennium singing some other people's, too.

I have a list of links to friends' blogs and some other interesting destinations to your right - and I realize I've been fairly awful about updating it. The blogs whose RSS feeds I subscribe to are the ones I look at every day (more or less. Or whenever they post. Or whenever I get around to it.). The list is somewhat arbitrary, so please don't be offended if your blog isn't listed. It also doesn't mean I don't read it, as I look at lots via places like facebook.

If you know of something you think I might enjoy (or that my readers would), please feel free to leave the address in the comments. Or, if you like, you can post on the wall of our facebook page.

So. These are the (few) blogs I subscribe to.

1. Allure: Blog dedicated to the screen stars of the 20s and 30s. He posts tons of really lovely photos. I particularly enjoy his posts on some of the lesser known actresses. Here is some great commentary and photos from a 1927 edition of "Film Fun", including:

2. BibliOdyssey is, of course, legendary. They post large sets of images from books, often related to science. But not always. The following is their sub-heading:
Books~~Illustrations~~Science~~History~~Visual Materia Obscura~~Eclectic Bookart.
They usually post every few days, and whatever they post is always worth a look.

3. Chenille L'Oiseau: I found this charming tumblr because she (and I use that pronoun with great trepidation) began following me. She posts mostly photos, mostly surrealist. She is fond of bird imagery. They're clearly sourced and pretty much always arresting. She also has a Randomizer that's, like, the best. I'm probably capable of sitting on my couch clicking it until I die of hunger. Okay, next random image is:

4. Coilhouse. The magazine is great, too. I've discovered numerous wonderful things (including my recent obsession with La Vie Parisienne) through them. They recently posted this holiday themed video. My 16 year old self just died of happiness.

5. FIDM Museum: i.e. the blog for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum in Los Angeles. They post their acquisitions. Uncle Nick from Season 2 of that show I used to watch teaches there.

6. Film Gab With Werth & Wise: classic film conversations between two very knowledgeable film scholars. Okay, okay - as always, in the spirit of full disclosure, Mr. Werth is a very good friend of mine. It's always worth (accident!) reading.

7. Fucked in Park Slope. My neighborhood blog. I love them. They're fucking hilarious. Do yourself a favor and read the entire Mama Rosa saga. It's fucking epic. This, my friends, is why the internet was invented.

8. The Vintager: Another great fashion blog, all images collected by the vintage minded J.B. Taylor. She often includes vintage photos of her mother, which are lovely.

9. Fresh365: Vegetarian recipes. They aren't intimidating or preachy and completely embrace the use of butter and cheese.

10. Okay. I look at Style Rookie, 13 year old Tavi Gevinson's blog. She's made a freaking career out of it. Did I say she's 13? It makes me want to vomit. But it also makes me glad. Yay! The interwebs! They can bring fame and fortune to dorky girls who like to make collages. Which, overall, is a good thing. But it also kinda makes me want to kill myself.

11. The Daily Otter. As they put it: OMFG otters!

11. The Flapper Girl. Someone else who posts great vintage images, such as:

12. Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books: written by the guy who ran BlackMask.com, the greatest website in the history of the internet. But, like Icarus before him, he flew too close to the sun, and down he tumbled. Only substitute "intellectual property attorneys" for "sun". This is someone who lives and dies for pulp, and whose empire crashed into ruins over the publication rights of a few (uncollected) Dashiell Hammett short stories. Alas. We have all suffered.

13. Travalanche: Well, of course. Yes, this is the blog of my darling, brilliant inamorato, the man often known as (and self-styled) Trav S.D. But all that aside, he has created an extraordinary web resource. Bios of all vaudeville luminaries (some more luminous than others) spanning the decades, and all in one place. He writes about other things, too: books, art, burlesque, and (of course) theater. Really, kids. He's the smartest man I know.

14. Things have been awfully quiet of late at Women Running From Houses. Which makes me very sad, as it was (is?) an excellent, insanely narrowly focused blog. If you read lots of Pulp Gothic Romance, you will undoubtedly understand. To wit:

I swear there used to be another blog that featured book covers that had to include a woman holding a candle and a mansion, but I might be making that up.

Hm. I never really looked at them all together before, and I realize I'm far more likely to hit that little RSS feed button if you post lots of pictures rather than lots of text. I also really dislike bloggers who natter on about themselves, so I will keep the commentary to a minimum.

But please, as I wrote above, if you want to sell me (or my readers) on your blog, now's the time. I'm normally awfully strict about not permitting blatant self promotion in the comments, so this is pretty much your only shot. I'll look. I promise. And if I like what I see, I'm an avid linker and reposter.

May the servers we post on, but don't own, never fail.

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