Friday, January 14, 2011

Too Late! (antigone) contest #2

I've been seeing an awful lot of theater recently, some wonderful, some less so. After an action packed week, I hope to catch up on writing about what I've seen (in both Under the Radar and at PS122's COIL - Festivals! Festivals! How I love them!).

I've just turned in my (woefully rambling) review of Too Late! (antigone) contest #2, and though I believe it's sadly (for you, happily for them) sold out, I just want to urge everyone, if they get the chance, to see anything MOTUS comes up with, as though I've just seen the one show, I'm pretty deeply smitten. After seeing their performance, I felt as if I had been fed pure oxygen and I remembered how thrilling theater could be.

Look. I think I've made it pretty clear how much I hate giving bad reviews, particularly to theater which is so difficult to do, even when it's terrible. I'm much happier writing about stuff I like. I usually find I have much more to say about it, too. So read my happy review of this play. At one point the charming woman pictured at right wrote the phrase "Better dogs than masters" down her arms, but the show is smart enough to know that not all dogs are trained or downtrodden. Dogs can bark and dogs have teeth. Their show has the offhandedness that only hours and hours and hours of rehearsal can achieve. It's kind of a perfect thing.

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