Thursday, January 20, 2011

OctoChair, OctoArt, OctooMuch?

Spanish artist Máximo Rivera is currently at work on an Animal Chair project that looks extremely interesting. Currently, the only completed work (or at least the only one available for viewing on his website, if his Octopus Chair. He will also, at some point, complete Rhino, Lion, Bettle, Whale and Walrus chairs. To be clear, this is Art, not Interior Design, so this will not (sadly) be mass produced. I'm actually of two minds. In some ways it's absolutely extraordinary work, but... it's a little ugly, isn't it? But that's okay, right?

Just think how incredible it would be if the tentacles were silently mechanized. One would be quietly sitting, reading the newspaper, or drinking a cup of coffee. Or maybe taking a nap. You wouldn't hear anything. Until...

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